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 Courses offered and duration

1. Bachlor of Physical Education ( BPE 3 years ) - 60 Seats
2. Bachlor of Physical Education ( BPEd 2 year ) - 150 Seats
3. Master of Physical Education ( MPED 2 years ) - 40 Seats
4. Diploma in Yog Education (D.Y.Ed. 1 Year) - 60 Seats
5. Certificate course in Yog Eucation (C.Y.Ed. 6 Weeks) - 60 Seats
6. P.hd. (Physical Education) - 24 Seats
 Scope for Course offered
On completion of the course offered, the graduates are eligible for Appointment as Supervisors, Administrators, Lecturers, Teachers of Physical Education, Coaches and Recreation Leaders in Universities, Colleges, Schools, Industrial Establishments, Commercial Firms, Governmental and non-governmental agencies which are engaged in promoting physical education, sports and recreation.
 Course Information

B.P.E. (Three Year Degree Course)
The course of studies is divided into four parts i.e.

(1) Theory subjects
(2) Practical skills
(3) Teaching ability (Second year only
(4) Coaching ability (Third year only)

Under practical skills (Part B) the following activities will be covered :


Aquatics, Archery, Basketball, Badminton, Cricket, Football, Gymanastics, Hockey, Hand Ball, Indigenous Activities, Kabbaddi, Kho-Kho, Marshal Arts., Soft Ball, Table Tennis, Tennis, Track and Field, Volleyball, Wrestling, weight lifting, Yogic Exercise.

Theory Subjects thought are as under :

B.P.E. I

1. General Science

2. Basic and Systemic Anatomy

3. History of Physical Education

4. Sociology

5. English

6. Environmental studies

7. Computer Application
1. Physiology and Physiology of Exercise
2. Kinesiology and Corrective Physical Education & Treatment, Prevention and care of Athletic injuries
3. Psychology
4. Methods in Physical Education

5. Introduction to Education and Educational Methods.



1. Foundation of Physical Education.
2. Management of Physical Education.
3. Health Education
4. Officiating and Coaching
5. Test & Measurements
M.P.E.d - (Two Years)


B.P.Ed. (Two years)


1. Patanjali yoga sutra
2. yogic texts.
3. Yog & CULTURE Synthesis.
4. Anatomy and Physiology of yogic practices.
5. yog mental health .
6. Pratical
6. Teaching practice